Yellow Pataya
Yellow Pataya

Yellow Pataya

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The mythical serpent organic product is really a types of desert plant which is native to the Americas. It is ordered inside the general classification of pitaya or pitahaya which additionally have a place with the family Cactaceae. Winged serpent organic products are a particular class of pitaya known as the sweet pitaya and they are distinctive contrasted with harsh pitaya assortment both in taste and in surface. Sweet pitaya come in three kinds known as white-fleshed pitaya, red-fleshed pitaya and yellow pitaya. The yellow pitaya (Hylocereus megalanthus) is accepted to have the biggest blossoms, all things considered, and as the name infers it has a particular yellow organic product.


It started from America and explicitly it is local in the space of Peru, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, and Bolivia. The natural products are as yet developed there and traded all around the world with Colombia being the biggest maker.


Aside from the South American regions, the natural product has been presented in the USA and it is currently developed in southern California and in Florida.

Flavors and TEXTURE

Its character is gentle and sweet for certain flower notes and it looks like the flavor of kiwifruit or desert plant pear. Many individuals accept that it has the best and best taste of all pitaya. Its tissue additionally has a slight crunch however it is milder when contrasted with watermelon.


You can slice it down the middle longwise down the center and afterward slide a spoon in the middle of the skin and the tissue. Note that the skin isn't eatable. You can eat it crude in a natural product salad, in a juice or smoothies.