Star fruit Carambola
Star fruit Carambola

Star fruit Carambola

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Star organic product (Averrhoa carambola) which is otherwise called carambola, is a tree animal varieties local to Southeast Asia. It took the name star natural product since when it is cut in cross-segment, it takes after a star. It is a surprising organic product that is getting progressively well known. It has a prepared taste and it tends to be utilized in an extraordinary number of various dishes.


The star organic product has been refined in the space of Southeast Asia for quite a long time. Asian brokers presented star organic product in different pieces of Asia, for example, India and Sri Lanka and it was subsequently presented in China, Taiwan, and Oceania. Its notoriety empowered it to be presented in USA, South and Central America, Caribbean and in specific pieces of Africa.


Star organic product is local in Southeast Asia however dealers throughout the long term acquainted it with many areas of the planet. These days significant makers of starfruit are Australia, USA, Malaysia, India, Israel, Taiwan, Guyana and the Philippines.

Flavors and TEXTURE

The starfruit has a wonderful and strange taste which takes after a combination of pear, apple, grape and citrus family organic products. Its surface is like that of grapes and its tissue is extremely delicious, firm and crunchy.


The whole organic product including its skin can be eaten crude in a serving of mixed greens, as a juice or smoothies yet it tends to be likewise cooked.


Nutritional Values

Calories per 100 g

31 kcal


0.3 g


6.7 g


2.8 g


1 g


2 mg

Vitamin C

52% of the RDI


3 mg


0.08 mg


133 mg