Passion Fruit - Granadilla

Passion Fruit - Granadilla

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Granadilla (Passiflora ligularis) is a plant animal groups in the family Passiflora which is local to the Andes Mountains. It is an evergreen climbing bush and the natural product is orange to yellow hued with little light markings. As a rule, the organic products are little as far as size and their shape is round with a tip finishing off with the stem. The natural products these days can be found in both tropical and subtropical areas.


Granadilla is local to Andes Mountains and in numerous districts of South and Central America where it has been developing since old occasions. There were subsequently presented in the USA, in the Caribbean, and in Asia.


The natural product is delivered in a wide range of nations all throughout the planet. Huge amounts are delivered in Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, Colombia, Argentina, Venezuela, Paraguay, Ecuador, and Peru.

Flavors and TEXTURE

Their taste has been portrayed as prepared however they are overall better than enthusiasm organic product. Their tissue is coagulated and watery with dark palatable seeds.


Granadilla can be burned-through new insane. The weak skin can be cut or broken in half the hard way, and the mash can be scooped with a spoon and eaten crude. Likewise, you can add it in your organic product salad, make juice or smoothies.