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Passion Fruit

Passion Fruit

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Enthusiasm natural product (Passiflora edulis) is a plant types of energy blossom local to South America. It very well may be refined in both tropical and subtropical districts. The natural product has a circular to ovoid shape and it is completely beefy. The natural product's weight can differ between 30 to 80 grams and inside its tissue there are roughly 250 dark seeds.


Enthusiasm natural product is local to South America and principally in areas of Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay. Certain individuals accept however that it is begun from Australia rather than South America yet there is no adequate proof to help this case.


The organic product can be found in both tropical and subtropical districts all throughout the planet. Critical measures of enthusiasm organic product are delivered in Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, Kenya, Uganda, Argentina, Paraguay, South Africa, and India.

Flavors and TEXTURE

Its taste is marginally acidic and musky and it takes after the flavor of guava natural product. It has a solid fruity and tart taste. As far as its surface, it is thick and jam like.


Slice the organic product down the middle with a sharp blade and scoop out the eatable seeds and succulent tissue that encompasses them. You can eat it with a spoon all things considered or you can make juice, or smoothies.

Nutritional Values

Calories per 100 g

97 kcal


0.7 g


23.39 g


10.4 g


2.2 g

Vitamin C

50% of the RDI

Vitamin A

43% of the RDI


10% of the RDI