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Papaya (Carica papaya) is a tropical natural product with orange-shaded tissue which is filled in intriguing and tropical districts of the world. It is accepted to be begun from the jungles of the Americas most presumably from Central America. Papayas can differ in shapes and sizes and this relies upon their assortment.


Papaya is accepted to be started from Central America and explicitly from Southern Mexico. It was developed here before the appearance of Columbus and after the appearance of Europeans, papaya was presented in various areas like Australia, South Africa, Hawaii, Texas, California, Florida, Caribbean Islands and other tropical and subtropical districts of the world.


Papaya is an extremely well known leafy foods it is refined in a wide range of regions of the planet. The most significant delivering nations are Brazil, Nigeria, India, Mexico, Indonesia, The Congo, China, Peru, Thailand, and Venezuela to give some examples.

Flavors and TEXTURE

Papaya has a sweet tissue and consumable seeds that have a pepper-like character. It has sweet and charming character and it poses a flavor like melon or tropical mango. At the point when it is ready, it is delicate like avocado and has a rich, margarine like surface.


Utilize an enormous sharp blade and cut the papaya down the middle. Utilizing an enormous spoon, scratch out the seeds yet note that the seeds are palatable so you can eat them. Then, at that point you either scoop the natural product with a spoon or you can cut in cuts after you strip it and have it crude, in natural product salad or in your smoothies.

Nutritional Values

Calories per 100 g

43 kcal


0.3 g


11 g


1.7 g


0.5 g


8 mg


20 mg


0.25 mg


182 mg