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When you order your vegetable box it comes with your selection of seasonal vegetables on a weekly bases all year round this box serves  2+ people minimum.


AS EXAMPLE:                     

Vegetable        Quantity

Tomatoes          6 pieces

onion                10 pieces

carrots              14 pieces 

broccoli              2 pieces

Lemon                2 pieces

Cabbage              2 pieces

Avocado              3 pieces

Potatoes             2kg weight



We will add extra fruit and vegetables on odd occasions to give back to our customers as we hate wasting food this will save our environment and waste. 

Our fruits are checked and handpicked before they are put in your box with the highest standards. Bespoke services are available depending on what you need with extra cost.


Please book your time and date so we can get your goods delivered call or email on 0203 441 7300 email