Manzano Bananas 1 bunch

Manzano Bananas 1 bunch

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Apple Banana – Manzano is a half and half banana cultivar from the Philippines and it is viewed as perhaps the most widely recognized banana cultivar in Southeast Asia and the Philippines. As far as their size, apple bananas are short long 10-14 cm, and plump. They are yellow when youthful while when they are completely ready they become dark. The apple banana plant can commonly arrive at a stature of 10 to 13 feet.


Bananas are local to Southern pieces of Asia and specifically in India, Southern China, and Southeast China. Various cultivars likewise have been made in both tropical and subtropical districts. On account of the apple banana, it is hard to follow its beginnings, however it is accepted that the cultivar began from the Philippines.


Today Apple bananas can be discovered filling in tropical and subtropical districts around the world, particularly in Southeast Asia in Malaysia and the Philippines, Hawaii, Mexico, Honduras, the Caribbean, and spaces of South America, sold new at nearby business sectors. When traded into different nations, the organic products are principally discovered new through Asian and Latin American stores and forte food merchants.

Flavors and Texture

It has a flavorful, sweet taste with a trace of apple and strawberry. As far as the surface, when they are unripe they are hard and have an astringent taste while completely matured bananas are delicate and have a better taste.


You can have it crude, in a natural product salad, in your smoothies or you can make juice.